Voice artist James is a professionally trained actor. He brings to his work a mixture of fun, warmth and gravitas.

Additionally, when not behind a microphone recording he is a professional event host, moderator and facilitator. He is also one of the country’s most renowned masters of ceremony and professional toastmasters; The Man in the Red Coat .

It is this experience and presence that he brings to his voice work.  The rest is inspired by his young daughter! 

Voice of God and Announcer

Live or pre-recorded, James has substantial experience. Adjusting his delivery to ensure maximum impact for every event.

For more information about how Voice Artist James can make a real difference to your event, please contact him via the details below. 

Gaming and Drama

From the most serious to the most hilarious, James has the skills to put life into any drama, cartoon, or game. 

Regardless of the genre, James can make a difference to any production. 

For more information about how Voice Artist James can make a real difference to your production, please contact him via the details below. 

Narration and Instruction

Whether you need narration for your corporate films,  documentaries or  audio instruction manuals then James has a voice that is clear and very easy to understand.  

Personable or authoritative, the choice is yours.

For more information about how Voice Artist James can provide a voice for your needs, please contact him via the details below. 

Audio Books

From Winnie the Pooh to a daily newspaper and from C J Sansom to Alistair MacClean, nothing is beyond James’ reach. Reading books out loud is a pleasure for him,  especially if there is an audience (he has just finished reading the entire series of Harry Potter to his daughter) and if there are voices and characters to create and lift off the page then all the more fun for both the reader and especially the listener. 

Example to follow shortly



Happy clients say
James Hasler Voice

Jonathan Hobbs

Hobbs of Henley

Having provided the voice for us for guided tours up and down the River Thames at Henley, live over 30 years ago, it was only natural that we approached James to record an updated version for the 21st Century.

The results were everything we hoped for and now our customers and staff get the pleasure of his hearing his clear and warm descriptions of all you can see as they travel serenely through the historic landscape.

James Hasler Voice

Petina Hapgood

Director Goodman Productions

Having recently used James to record some narration for a production, I can without doubt recommend him wholeheartedly. Having decided the kind of voice we wanted from his vast repertoire, he quickly recorded the script. We were delighted with the result and as ever it was enormous fun working with him. If you want someone with variety that can get the job done efficiently then I couldn’t recommend him enough. Time is money in this game and he is undoubtedly great value for money in every respect.

James Hasler Voice

Jo Clare

Chief Executive 3Cs

James did a voiceover job for Three Cs which has transformed access to information on our website. His warm, friendly and ultra clear voice tells customers with learning disabilities or dyslexia exactly what we are about and what we can offer. James was highly professional, easy to work with and the results are exactly what we needed.



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